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For bindings: The optional conversion function to convert property values back to data values. Specifying this function modifies a binding to set its Binding.mode to be Binding.TwoWay. If you want a two-way binding without a back-conversion function, specify null for a BackConversion. If you do not want a two-way binding, omit any BackConversion.

The BrushLike type is the same as Brush | string | null. A string in place of a Brush object is treated as a Solid Brush of that color.

DiagramInitOptions are used in the Diagram constructor to concisely initialize a Diagram by settings its properties, and also set properties on its Tools, CommandHandler, AnimationManager, and set DiagramEvents.

Type declaration

    • (currentTime: number, startValue: number, byValue: number, duration: number): number
    • An EasingFunction describes how much to modify a scalar value based on the current time, the start value, the change in value, and the duration.


      • currentTime: number
      • startValue: number
      • byValue: number
      • duration: number

      Returns number

The Key type is the same as string | number | undefined.

The MarginLike type is the same as Margin | number. A number in place of a Margin object is treated as a uniform Margin with that thickness.

For bindings: A side-effect-free function converting the data property value to the value to set the target property. If the function is null or not supplied, no conversion takes place.