Enumeration TriggerStart

GoJS® Diagramming Components
version 3.0.2
by Northwoods Software®

This enumeration specifices how an animation should be triggered. Used for AnimationTrigger.startCondition.




Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

The AnimationManager will use the default animation to prepare a single Animation that begins when the current transaction has ended. This animation may be canceled if a new transaction is started.

GoJS will use Bundled or Immediate based on the state of the transaction. If no transaction is ongoing, this trigger will be treated as using Immediate, otherwise it will work as Bundled.

A new animation will be created for every instance of the property changing, and started immediately, and run until completion. This may be useful for cosmetic changes, such as animating the opacity or color of an object on mouseEnter or mouseLeave. However, using Bundled may be more efficient, as it will create fewer animations.