Enumeration AnimationStyle

GoJS® Diagramming Components
version 3.0.2
by Northwoods Software®

This enumeration specifies possible values for AnimationManager.initialAnimationStyle.

To customize the initial animation, set AnimationManager.initialAnimationStyle to None and define an "InitialAnimationStarting" DiagramEvent listener with Diagram.addDiagramListener.

See AnimationManager.initialAnimationStyle for details and examples.




Enumeration Members

Enumeration Members

This value will cause initial animations to capture Part locations and animate them from (0, 0) to those location values. This was the default initial animation behavior in GoJS 2.0 and prior.

The default initial animation style will "fade up" and in the Diagram's contents by animating the Diagram.position and Diagram.opacity.

This will turn off the initial animation, but also allows for customizing the initial animation by adding your own properties if you define an "InitialAnimationStarting" listener with Diagram.addDiagramListener.