Class LayoutEdge

GoJS® Diagramming Components
version 3.0.2
by Northwoods Software®


An edge represents a Link in a LayoutNetwork, along with its fromVertex and toVertex. The link property may be null for edges that represent "dummy" links, when the layout wants to work with a network that is not isomorphic with the collection of Nodes and Links being laid out.

It holds layout-specific data for the link. For each kind of layout that uses a LayoutNetwork there is a subclass of LayoutVertex and a subclass of LayoutEdge:

Modifying a LayoutNetwork or a LayoutVertex or a LayoutEdge does not invalidate the Layout or raise any changed events.




  • For virtualized layouts working on model data instead of a Link.

  • Gets or sets the Link associated with this edge, if any. The value may be null if this edge is a "dummy" edge, not represented by a real Link in the Diagram.


  • Commits the route of this edge to the corresponding Link, if any. By default this does nothing. Please read the Introduction page on Extensions for how to override methods and how to call this base method.

    Returns void