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Class CircularVertex

Extends LayoutVertex. This holds CircularLayout-specific information about Nodes.

This class inherits from LayoutVertex.

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Properties Summary Details

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Gets or sets the value used as the vertex's angle.


Gets or sets the value used as the vertex's diameter.More...

By default the value depends on the CircularLayout.arrangement property. Any computed value is cached, to avoid unnecessary expensive computations.

Properties borrowed from class LayoutVertex:
bounds, centerX, centerY, data, destinationEdges, destinationVertexes, edges, edgesCount, focus, focusX, focusY, height, network, node, sourceEdges, sourceVertexes, vertexes, width, x, y
Methods borrowed from class LayoutVertex:
addDestinationEdge, addSourceEdge, commit, deleteDestinationEdge, deleteSourceEdge