Class FishboneLayout

GoJS® Diagramming Components
version 3.0.0
by Northwoods Software®

This is an extension and not part of the main GoJS library. Note that the API for this class may change at any time. If you intend to use an extension in production, you should copy the code to your own source directory. See the Extensions intro page for more information.


FishboneLayout is a custom go.Layout derived from go.TreeLayout for creating "fishbone" diagrams. A fishbone diagram also requires a go.Link class that implements custom routing, FishboneLink.

This only works for angle === 0 or angle === 180.

This layout assumes Links are automatically routed in the way needed by fishbone diagrams, by using the FishboneLink class instead of go.Link.

If you want to experiment with this extension, try the Fishbone Layout sample.






  • This override stops links from being committed since the work is done by the FishboneLink class.

    Returns void

  • Assigns go.Link.fromSpots and go.Link.toSpots based on branching and angle and moves vertexes based on dummy locations.

    Returns void

  • Shifts subtrees within the fishbone based on angle and node spacing.


    Returns void