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Class SnapLinkReshapingTool

This is an extension and not part of the main GoJS library. Note that the API for this class may change at any time. If you intend to use an extension in production, you should copy the code to your own source directory. Extensions can be found in the GoJS kit under the extensions or extensionsTS folders. See the Extensions intro page for more information.


The SnapLinkReshapingTool class lets the user snap link reshaping handles to the nearest grid point.

If you want to experiment with this extension, try the Snap Link Reshaping sample.



gridCellSize : Size

gridOrigin : Point

  • Gets or sets the Point origin for the grid to which link points will be snapped.

    The default value is NaN,NaN, which means use the Diagram.grid's Panel.gridOrigin.

isGridSnapEnabled : boolean

  • Gets or sets whether a reshape handle's position should be snapped to a grid point. This affects the behavior of computeReshape.

    The default value is true.


Override computeReshape