Using GoJS on Different Platforms

GoJS is intended to run in any environment that executes JavaScript. This includes on browsers and within browser frameworks, and also in headless contexts such as Node.js.

React, Angular, Vue

We provide samples and components for common SPA frameworks. GoJS has no dependencies of its own, and it is our expectation that the library should run within any framework. If you are encountering integration issues with an uncommon framework, please contact us.

We maintain examples for common frameworks:


GoJS can be used in Electron apps. We provide a sample Electron app using GoJS. Note that an unlimited domains license is required for use when the page is not served from a domain.

Node.js and Headless Environments

GoJS can be used in environments that do not have a DOM. This can be useful for server We provide a Node.js script example. We also have a Puppeteer example in the Server-side images intro page.

Within iFrames

GoJS can run within iFrames. However, since the library references the global context, such as window on browsers, it is best to invoke GoJS code from within the frame it is used.