This sample is like the Mapping Fields of Records sample, but it has a collapsible tree of nodes on each side, rather than a simple list of items. The implementation of the trees comes from the Tree View sample.

Draw new links by dragging from any field (i.e. any tree node). Reconnect a selected link by dragging its diamond-shaped handle. A minor enhancement to this diagram supports operator nodes that transform data from various fields on the left to provide values for fields on the right.

This sample supports three different routing styles:
"ToGroup", where the links stop at the border of the group
"ToNode", where the links bend at the border of the group but go all the way to the node, as normal

There is a variation of this sample where the tree on the right is mirrored, so that the links naturally connect closer to the nodes in the tree.

The model data, automatically updated after each change or undo or redo: