This sample demonstrates the ability for the user to drag around a Link as if it were a Node. When either end of the link passes over a valid port, the port is highlighted.

The link-dragging functionality is enabled by setting some or all of the following properties: DraggingTool.dragsLink, LinkingTool.isUnconnectedLinkValid, and RelinkingTool.isUnconnectedLinkValid.

Note that a Link is present in the Palette so that it too can be dragged out and onto the main Diagram. Because links are not automatically routed when either end is not connected with a Node, the route is provided explicitly when that Palette item is defined.

This also demonstrates several custom Adornments: Part.selectionAdornmentTemplate, Part.resizeAdornmentTemplate, and Part.rotateAdornmentTemplate.

Finally this sample demonstrates saving and restoring the Diagram.position as a property on the Model.modelData object that is automatically saved and restored when calling Model.toJson and Model,fromJson.

Diagram Model saved in JSON format: