GoJS Change Log

We maintain a GitHub Repository, which you can star to follow version updates. We also notify of changes on Twitter.

GoJS 2.0

For 2.0, GoJS has been rewritten in TypeScript, with improvements to stability and documentation. All customers (with or without source code license) can take advantage of the TypeScript definitions .d.ts file, which is much more comprehensive in 2.0.

A source license will now include TypeScript source files as well as JavaScript sources, and examples of how to build the library into your project with Webpack or Browserify, should you wish to. This will allow you to remove unused modules from the source code, such as Layouts, Models, and Tools that you are not using. Note that unless you have strong minification, you may not see size improvements over the pre-built go.js library, which is highly optimized.

The size of the go.js library has been slightly reduced (both uncompressed and gzipped), from 1.8 versions.

The main library has been reduced by removing many of the uncommon figures. These are now an extension. (Figures.js)

GoJS can now be run DOM-less, in Node.

We have added the ability to create your own Panels, with the new PanelLayout class. See an example here.

Changes for 2.0.21

Changes for 2.0.20

Changes for 2.0.19

Changes for 2.0.18

Changes for 2.0.17

Changes for 2.0.16

Changes for 2.0.15

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Changes for 2.0

Incompatible 2.0 changes and removals

Many of the minor changes were made to order to increase the modularity of the implementation. Nevertheless we have tried to maintain API compatibility with version 1.*.

Changes for 1.8 and previous are here.